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We start the cooperation with our Clients from a detailed analysis of their needs. Basing on several years of experience, we perform an extensive audit of the current insurance portfolio. We verify whether the existing protection corresponds with the scope of risks to which the Client is exposed, we check whether the liability limits correspond with the actual costs of potential loss liquidation, we identify unfavorable provisions and restrictions in the contracts. Most of all, we propose solutions.

We always construct the insurance programs in such a way so as to guarantee full protection to our Clients. We are not satisfied with standard solutions: we negotiate additional clauses, implement innovative products, consolidate distributed insurance policy portfolio for capital groups. Our knowledge helps us avoid negative consequences connected with loopholes, inadequate or excessive insurance, and, as a result, it contributes to considerable cost reduction for our Clients.

We are an expert on insurance guarantees. We negotiate the provisions of general contracts for our Clients, we help them obtain high limits for guarantee amounts, we provide ongoing management of the guarantee portfolio. We maintain a register of legal and material collaterals provided as security for insurance claims, including the monitoring of their release dates.

Our role does not end with the implementation of an insurance program. We know that every extension of business operation – expanding the fleet, starting an investment, or extending the market – results in a change in the scope of risks to which the enterprises are exposed. Through close cooperation with our Clients, we make sure that the cover always corresponds with the current needs. Expert care over the Client’s portfolio is provided by a team of specialists dedicated to particular insurance types. We administer the policies taken out, we monitor their expirations, we perform settlements and improve documentation circulation. In the case when a loss is incurred, we actively participate in the liquidation process.

Our services are characterized by reliability and professionalism.

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