Apart from primary insurance audits, we also perform extensive complementary audits for our Clients. If we discover risks, we propose solutions that improve the security of our Clients and reduce the risk of incurring losses.

With respect to property, we identify the weak points in the existing insurance architecture and provide assistance in implementing the appropriate means that increase the level of protection.

We specialize, among others, in audits of manufacturing halls, warehouses, and sales networks. We create cash flow reports in the undertakings, indicating the areas that require improvement (the human factor, mechanical and electronic means of protection).

We perform audits of construction sites focused on specific risks present in this field. We analyze insurance documentation focused on fulfilling contractual obligations by the insurance holder, and we present the results of our audits in the form of detailed reports. We monitor construction sites also in crisis situations (e.g. floods), which makes it possible for the Client to take measures limiting potential losses. We indicate irregularities (e.g. with respect to the safety at the construction site) which can have significant influence on the risk of the Client’s civil liability.

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