Group insurance offers

Group life insurance is directed to selected groups of people: the employees of undertakings, members of associations, members of cooperative societies, trade unions, etc. Because of their wide coverage and relatively low insurance premium, group insurance policies are a much more advantageous form of protection than individual insurance policies for many people. Thanks to the fact that the preliminary medical evaluation is less extensive or omitted, joining a group insurance program is possible for older people or people with health problems for whom buying an individual policy would be impossible or connected with considerable expenses.

Thanks to the participation in group insurance programs, the members of the group are able not only to gain protection of their life and health but also provide such protection to their closest family.

More and more insurance companies make it possible to extend insurance packages with additional options such as the risk of the spouse’s or child’s serious illness or hospital stay, apart from common additional insurance cover for a family member’s death. In the case of large groups, the insurers make it possible for close family members to join the insurance programs even if formally they are not members of the insured group.

Group insurance is a flexible product. As part of the group insurance cover, it is possible to form sub-groups with different insurance cover and different customizations matching the preferences and financial capabilities of different employees. What is more, group insurance becomes more and more easy to manage. Many insurance companies make it possible to administer the policy through their own Internet platforms and provide a number of channels through which claims can be filed (call center, the Internet). This reduces the formalities to be completed and shortens the waiting time before the claim is paid.

Accident and sickness insurance offers

Personal accident insurance cover includes events resulting from accidents: death, permanent injury, permanent incapacity for work. The payment of compensation due to the death of the insurance holder makes it possible for the bereaved to obtain the necessary financial assistance in the case of the death of a person that has previously provided for most of the expenses of the household (paying installments, financing education, ongoing expenses). In the case of permanent injury or permanent incapacity for work, the payment of the compensation makes it possible to finance the rehabilitation process and the recovery of the insurance holder.

Apart from basic compensation, personal accident insurance is often extended with an assistance package, which can include, among others, help in the organization of rehabilitation, transportation services, hospital allowance, or care over the children of the injured.

Personal accident insurance is directed to individual persons as well as groups exposed to the risk of accidents: school children, employees of construction and erection companies, manufacturing plant employees, warehouse employees, sales networks employees, etc.

In the case of sickness insurance, the compensation is paid in the case of the insurance holder’s health detriment, usually a serious sickness. The compensation makes it possible to finance the treatment process (medication, tests, etc.)

Accident and sickness insurance is also available in the form of the loss of income insurance. If an insurance related risk event that makes the insurance holder incapable for work occurs, the insurance company pays compensation equal to the agreed percentage of the current income of the insurance holder. The insurance has recently appeared on the Polish market and it is directed mainly to people with high income that run their own business.

Health insurance offers

Despite the fact that health insurance is a relatively new product on the Polish market, it enjoys huge popularity. The dynamic development of health insurance offers is influenced mainly by the fact that they constitute an attractive supplement, or even an alternative, to the public healthcare system as well as by the high level of flexibility of the product which makes it possible to adjust the validity period, and thus also the price, to the preferences of the insurance holders.

Health insurance covers the costs connected with healthcare. Depending on the requirements of the insured person or group, the insurance cover can be shaped and include different kinds of healthcare services: access to specialized medical treatment, examinations and diagnostic tests, simple surgery procedures that do not require a long hospital stay (the so-called one-day surgery), covering the costs of dental care, pregnancy monitoring.

An additional component of health insurance is the assistance program which covers services such as: medical consultations, organization of medical transport, or organization of the rehabilitation process.

Health insurance provides a number of advantages. It guarantees considerable time and money savings to the insurance holder. The waiting time for a visit to a specialist doctor rarely exceeds a few days. Quick access to healthcare is facilitated by a large number of medical centers cooperating with the insurance companies. The employers that fund health insurance as an additional benefit can use it to increase the motivation of their employees and strengthen their loyalty to the company.

Travel insurance offers

Regardless of the fact whether the goal of the trip is business negotiations or the completion of a few-month contract, travel abroad is always connected with risk, both for the employee as well as for the employer. Foreign travel insurance makes it possible to limit the negative consequences of unforeseen incidents, such as the loss of luggage or travel delay, as well as protects the employee’s health and guarantees them easy access to healthcare facilities in the country of stay.

Basic cover in the case of foreign travel insurance includes: covering the costs of treatment, personal accident insurance, luggage insurance, and civil liability insurance.

Insurance companies offer also more extensive assistance packages, which include, among others, services such as: organization of medical treatment, organization of medical transport and reimbursement of rescue operation costs, reimbursement of dental care costs, legal and administrative assistance. The insurance cover can also be extended to include additional risks, such as: accidents during manual labor or while practicing dangerous sports.

Foreign travel insurance is taken out for a single journey or for a specific period of time, e.g. one year. The second option is particularly convenient if the company employees often travel abroad.

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