Sales networks

Sales networks constitute a special branch that requires particular insurance approach. The distinctive features of sales networks include: a large number of distributed sales points, a diversified risk of loss occurrence in particular locations, constant changes in the property insured and in the risk associated with it (e.g. resulting from dynamic development of the network), as well as a high number of losses

We have several years of experience in the implementation of insurance programs for nationwide sales networks with the total number of a few thousand sales points. Our Clients include, among others, grocery store chains, hypermarket chains, and household appliance and electronics chains.

We prepare complex insurance programs for every client, including both sales points as well as storage and shipping centers. Every insurance program is customized to the needs and characteristics of a particular Client. Apart from the actions directly connected with the insurance program, we also provide a number of additional services.

We cooperate with risk engineers in the process of risk evaluation. We provide consulting with regard to the possible reduction of risk in the current assets (e.g. limiting the risk of explosion, fire).

We also provide advice at the investment planning stage (e.g. evaluation of the location of new warehouse areas, analysis of the safety of the constructions used, evaluation of the security systems planned).

We actively participate in the creation of prevention programs (e.g. increasing the security of sales points focused on preventing theft events, evaluation of the effectiveness of the measures taken to improve security). We represent our Client in the damage liquidation process (from the moment when the damage claim is filed to the final closure of liquidation proceedings).

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