Power engineering and Gas

 Construction of power and fuel infrastructure distinguishes itself from other construction industry areas. Apart from non-standard investment value levels, the construction process in this sector has a significant influence on the risks during the exploitation of the objects. What is more, the time, the environment, and the existing infrastructure often constitute important risk factors.

Individually or in cooperation with other entities, we provide complex insurance management of construction processes in the power engineering and fuel sector. Many of them constitute investments important from the perspective of the power engineering and fuel strategy of the country. We provide our Clients not only with a complete portfolio of services that are normally offered to the construction industry, but also protection extensions taking into consideration the characteristics of the power engineering sector.

We provide the best insurance solutions, including not only the offers of Polish insurance companies but also of foreign companies.

In the field where any investment requires highly individualized risk evaluation, we develop solutions that include insurance protection as early as at the contract preparation stage. Risk monitoring throughout the construction process makes it also possible to adjust the level of protection to the changes occurring in the course of the works.

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