Claims settlement – standard service

When a loss is incurred, we represent our Client in their relation with the insurance company. Our actions with respect to claim settlement are divided into stages. In the first stage, we receive information about the loss incurred by the Client. Next, we analyze the information obtained, advise on the contents of the claim and file the claim to the insurance company. After filing the claim, we monitor the progress of the claim settlement process executed by the Insurer. Our expert supervision involves completing documentation connected with the loss, verification of the documents submitted and making sure that the claims are paid in a timely manner. We document all the actions we take, we maintain loss databases and generate the necessary reports and summaries as needed by the Client.

Claims settlement – extended service

Our additional services offered as part of claim settlement complement the standard scope of the service. They include actions connected with legal assistance, auditing, and training. Those actions are necessary in the case of insurance claims of complex nature. We are focused on timely completion of the claim settlement proceedings but we also concentrate on the results achieved. If the claim settlement proceedings end with a decision that is not in line with the position of our Client, we offer management and consulting services in the course of the appeal proceedings. We prepare proposals of appeals against Insurer’s decisions rejecting the claims in insurance claim proceedings. If all the levels of appeal within the insurance company have been exhausted, we prepare materials for insurance lawsuits and provide consulting in the course of court proceedings.

We represent the interest of our Client in claim settlement, settlement, or conciliatory proceedings to which the Insurer is a party.

As part of additional services that we provide with respect to claim settlement, we focus our proposal on limiting the involvement of the Client during the whole claim settlement process and on considerable shortening of the claim settlement time. Such effects can be achieved thanks to the dedicated instruction tools. Those include procedures, forms, and instructions dedicated to a given policy.
We maintain statistics for motor vehicle claims which serve as perfect supplementation of our Clients’ actions as part of their widely understood fleet management.
The information gathered makes it possible to monitor the loss ratio for particular employees.

We also minimize the impact of the loss ex-post. We organize auctions of damaged property or current assets. We supervise the handover of damaged objects, document circulation, and accounting procedures.


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