The following values constitute the basis of our business conduct:

  • Trust,
  • Competence,
  • Integrity,
  • Creative thinking,
  • Reliability.

Since 1999, we have served our Clients with our knowledge and talent to help them complete tasks they face.

A relational model vs. a transactional model

We write about this because we go against the stream of the current trend to reduce everything to the transaction level – to change relations, emotions, and inspirations into transactions. Everything becomes a transaction! Corporations start to change people into “targets”, patients are changed into clients. The value of the transaction, and not the nature of the relation that binds both parties, becomes the essence.

As a company, we choose and build relations with our Clients. Building long-term relations leading to the satisfaction of the Client based on trust, knowledge, and respect,

The company employs 20 people. One of our distinctive characteristics is clear separation of the Insurance Department and the Loss Department in the company. The employees within the departments specialize in particular types of insurance. Such specialization guarantees expert level of service to our Clients.

We provide our Clients with the following services:

  • Insurance consulting and brokerage,
  • Loss Department (3-person department) – expert management of the process and comprehensive analytics,
  • Provision of training sessions on insurance and prevention,
  • Audits of insurance contracts concluded,
  • Property audits, including fire protection,
  • Analyses and expert opinions regarding risk and insurance,
  • Vehicle fleet management with respect to insurance,
  • Consolidation of the existing insurance programs in Capital Groups,
  • Development of management processes for extensive and complex insurance programs.
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  • We are proud to present the new logo and the new brand under which our company will now operate. For 15 years we have provided…

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